The complete Hochfels-Team welcomes you.

 - Mannschaft von Hochfels -

Facts about Hochfels:
In the second generation now, the farm has been owned by the Kieckebusch family since 1965. During the time of the German colonial protection force, the so called Schutztruppe, (1898 - 1914), it was used as quarantine station for imported horses.

 - Farmhaus zur Kolonialzeit -  - Farmhaus heute -  - Gartenanlage -  - Swimmingpool -  - im Haus -
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At an altitude of about 1,800m above sea-level the farm is part of the approx. 200.000ha comprising Khomas Hochland Conservancy. There, surrounded by wide open mountain terrain, you will experience the lifestyle and the hospitality of a German farming family.

Accommodation and Catering:
You will be accommodated in individually furnished, detached chalets (double room) with shower and lavatory, supplied with 220V power.
Because of the way they were built, the chalets melt into the landscape surrounding the farm.

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Full board includes an abundant breakfast, a light lunch and in the evening a mouthwatering dinner is served, often with game prepared on an open fire.
The meals are relished together with the host-family.

 - Unser Freizeitmobil -   - Paddeln auf dem Damm -
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Leisure Time Facilities:
- relaxation at the pool
- hikes across the farm to different destinations, e.g. rock painting
- table tennis
- TV-lounge and fireplace (German TV-programs)
- free WiFi
- game drives across untouched African terrain

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Enjoy the sunset on the terrace of the farm house listening to the ever changing sounds of the African wild at night.

Tourist Season / Climate:
The hunting season last from February to November.

The seasons are exactly opposite to the European ones:

March to May: mild days with temperatures up to 25°C, cool nights
June to August: winter, temperatures up to 20°C, at times frost at night
September to Oktober:    very dry, mild to warm, temperatures around 25°C
November to February: hot with temperatures of more than 30°C, around 20°C at night